About Juan







  • Played soccer for professional teams in the late ‘60s  to late ‘70s
  • Coached soccer from the instructional to the professional level
  • Founder, chairman, and coach of Merrill Lynch Soccer Team.  This team was composed of former professional players
  • Coached New Jersey soccer select state team
  • Reputation for developing college, state, and regional players
  • Current soccer trainer of several New Jersey teams
  • Trains periodically with other professionals in South America to learn more about the game
  • Experienced team, personal, and goalie trainer—team conditioning and soccer camps
  • Licensed soccer coach (“D” license)
  • Insured by the state (NJYS)
  • Former soccer referee
  • Coached soccer teams from lower divisions to division one in New York and in New Jersey (all of these teams became elite teams and ranked among the best teams in the region)
  • Works with senior soccer students, assisting them to be placed in their selected universities with scholarships









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