The Defensive Midfielder by Sir Alex Ferguson

Defensive midfielders are the most underrated and over looked in-field players in a football team and to me they are the most important in a team. You ask why? 

 Firstly, a solid defensive midfielder is sacrificial and protects his defense. The defensive midfielder is the first person to meet the attacking opposition and his job is to stop them from progressing forward. Over the years we have seen defensive midfielders become more important and dependable in teams. We have had Sergio Busquets, Patrick Vieira ,Claudio Makélélé, etc . 

What makes a Defensive midfielder key is the ability to defend and increase the team chances in terms of attacking . Defensive midfielders tend to make fouls or are aggressive. Their key attributes are to win duels, make interceptions and win tackles. 

Over the past 8 years, the best defensive midfielder in the world would have to be Sergio Busquets. He (Busquets) has been key to the success the Barcelona has enjoyed this decade. Currently 27 years of age, Busquets has been the key defensive midfielder for Barcelona since the age of 19 . Even a player as good as Yaya Touré, could not take him out of the team. What makes Busquets different from other Defensive midfielders is the ability to do his defensive duties without committing excess fouls. He can literally go games without committing a foul. Xavi and Iniesta enjoyed their game and could express themselves more because they had Busquets to cover for them. 

Great respect to Busquets and to every defensive midfielder around the world! Your efforts might not be praised all over the news but they are acknowledged by the fans.  Over the years, the media have turned against defending and implied that it is not as important as attacking. People are more interested in the goal scorers, assist kings, and skillful dribblers but Football is way more than that. Defending is just as important as attacking. It is a part of the game and a very important part for that matter. Defensive minded players should not be chastised but praised for doing their job to the best of their abilities. 

“Attack Wins You Games, Defence Wins You Titles”